Donna Summer. The Ultimate Collection (2LP)


Donna Summer. The Ultimate Collection (2LP)

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Формат: Vinyl
Год выхода: 2016
Тип: Музыка
Жанр: Pop
Студия: Driven By The Music
Дисков: 2

Описание товара


Disc: 1
Side A:
1. I Feel Love
2. MacArthur Park
3. This Time I Know It’s For Real
4. Hot Stuff
5. Dinner With Gershwin

Side B:
1. I Remember Yesterday
2. Bad Girls
3. On The Radio
4. Heaven Knows (Featuring – Brooklyn Dreams)
5. Last Dance

Disc: 2
Side C:
1. No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) Featuring – Barbra Streisand
2. Love’s Unkind
3. Love To Love You Baby
4. Down Deep Inside (Theme From ‘The Deep’)
5. Could It Be Magic

Side D:
1. I Love You
2. Rumour Has It
3. Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)
4. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (7″ Remix)
5. Love’s About To Change My Heart (PWL 7″ Mix)


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